QuixChat - Live Chat Support System

Chat with your website visitors via popular messaging apps

Installation Guide

Key Features of Quixchat

Modern UI

Quixchat UI is made by expert graphic designers to take your viewing experience to another level.

Ultra fast

Quixchat wordpress plugin code is very fast and robust. Its very light weight, hence it don't make any impact of website speed or performance.

No Sign Up Required

Generate code for your social media messangers icons and place them on yoru website. NO sign or registration is needed

Responsive Design

Compatible with all device like: mobile, tablet, laptop, desktop etc. Keep everything on a single place.

Easy Setup

Setup plugin with few minutes only. Just generate code for social media icons and use Base ID and Licence Key. Check our Installation guide video for refernce.

Popular Messengers

Quixchat current supports facebook, whatsapp, telegram, viber, line, snapchat, wechat, vkontakte, skype, gmail, phone and SMS. A single solution for all your social accounts.

Instant Live Support

Provide live support to your website visitors using your connected social media accounts.

Light Weight

Quixchat wordpress plugin size 48kb only. We wrote very short code to create this plugin so that you can get best possible performance.


If you users connect with you via gmail or SMs. You can connect with them in your free available time.

Do you need any help or support ?

If you have any query related to this product/plugin please call/whatsapp us anytime.


Quixchat aimed to provide facilty to your customers so that they can connect with you popular messengers across the world. QuixChat includes 12 Messengers or tools where your users can directly interect with you without using any other app. They can talk you via popular messengers. Via using this tool you will see a “J Curve” in your sales/business/leads.